Individual Therapy for drug rehab in dallas tx

Overview of Individual Therapy & Counseling

Arise Recovery Centers of Dallas offers one-on-one counseling, which allows an individual the freedom and safety to talk to a licensed counselor in a private setting. Though group therapy and self-help meetings are crucial aspects of addiction treatment for many people, they don’t always offer the individual attention you need during recovery. Arise Recovery Centers offers individual counseling sessions with our master’s level therapists every week. During these counseling sessions, the patient meets with his or her counselor to work together to discuss specific problems and concerns, define personal goals, and address issues that need to be worked through. We invite patients from the Dallas area to come visit our recovery center to learn more about our individual counseling services.

Our program includes at least 1 hour of individual therapy per week. This is a time when you will meet with a master’s level clinician to do some more in-depth and private therapy. Our patients find this intimate time with their Arise Recovery Centers counselor hugely beneficial as it allows them to express themselves with a trusted source.

At Arise Recovery Centers, one-on-one sessions with our master’s level clinicians can be so helpful during addiction treatment because:

  • They give you a place to work on emotional or psychological problems that are too sensitive or difficult to discuss in groups
  • They give you more time to address motivational issues that can stand between you and sobriety
  • They can support and build on the work you do in groups to help you stay committed to treatment
  • They can help define roadblocks, help develop a plan of action, and set realistic, attainable personal goals

The private counseling rooms at Arise Recovery Centers of Dallas are quaint, warm, and inviting. Our goal is that every patient feels comfortable and at home regardless of where they are in their personal journey towards sobriety. Patients often tell us that after each individual therapy session, they feel stronger and more positive. This is important because with each private therapy session, our patients feel encouraged to move closer to their goals.

The therapists at Arise Recovery do an excellent job of diving in right in the beginning of your personal journey to establish goals. We move at your pace, but through various treatment modalities we are able to help you gain clarity, strength, and motivation to carry what you learn in therapy into your everyday life.

Arise Recovery Centers offers Dallas residents a place to find their sobriety. While we offer both individual and group therapy, we believe there is a time and place for both. Just about anyone can benefit from an individualized counseling session. No problem is too big or too small for our therapists to address. Patients who find themselves in desperate situations, feeling as if spiraling out of control, or who have thoughts of harming themselves can call our office to meet with a private counselor. Those who are further along in their journey may also benefit from group sessions, which can be extremely beneficial in the recovery process. Learning how to recognize, address, and control your behaviors in solo therapy, and then listening to others and having the capacity to express yourself in a group setting can offer a blend of effective and successful strategies. 

If you are ready to change your life and would like to learn more about Arise Recovery Centers, please call our Dallas, TX office to learn more. Our goal is to help guide you out of a situation where you feel unhappy, hopeless, or are in constant despair so that you can live the life you deserve. Our counselors are trained to provide ongoing support, intervene when necessary, and handle situations that require a trained, experienced professional. Our initial therapy session will include a discovery process where we get to know you and vice versa. We will assess your needs and work together to make a treatment plan that is balanced, effective, and full of hope. The support will be there even when you are not in session. If you live in Dallas or any of the surrounding areas, Arise Recovery Centers is here to help. 

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